Our Latin American Ethnobotanical Garden

Growing a Latin American edible garden with preschoolers and sharing the process.

Our Latin American ethnobotanical garden started with the support of the Latin American Ethnobotanical garden on the University of Georgia’s campus.

On Friday, July 2, 2020, one of our students enrolled at Macon International Academy took a ride to Athens, GA to pick up what would be seedlings of various edible plants found in Latin America. I had learned about the garden as a participant in the 2017 Somos Nós: Brazil on the Move Teacher Workshop. I also blogged about the experience in my personal blog here. As Macon International Academy is a Spanish bilingual school, it is fitting that the Ethnobotanical garden would be from Latin America.

Our hopes is to continue to grow these seedlings which range from Mexican oregano (for salsa), to hibiscus (for tea) to stevia ( a sweetener for tea); all are edible and safe for young people. Watering and taking care of these plants will be part of the student’s education. We look forward to the journey and hope that you can join us on it!

We plan to transfer the seedlings to their own pots while we await the construction of our raised bed to be constructed which will make it easier for students to water.

We also have a mosquito garden composed of various herbs to deter bugs from invading our outside space.

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